Enhanced transparency and audience targeting by visualizing of millions of customer data points

Enabled the client to visualize and perform complex analytics on large datasets for enhanced audience targeting

Business Challenges

The client is a leading information services firm offering one of the largest commercial big data analytics and insights for businesses. The primary requirement was to provide better transparency and interactive analytics capability on the audience retargeting data. The client was unable to perform complex big data analytics and derive actionable insights from an ever-increasing volume of existing data sets. Transparency and visualization of millions of data points were also key issues.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid unmasked 25+ attributes to provide deeper data intelligence for both internal and external customers to improve audience targeting. We also performed complex analytics, matching, and filtering of 300MN+ data points resulting in enhanced granularity and better visualization. We were also able to increase transparency to external customers and served 100+ users in lightning-fast response times of <3 seconds.

Business Impact

Performed complex big data analytics, matching, and filtering of over 300MN data points, which resulted in increased transparency to external customers, serving users in lightning-fast response times of <3 seconds.

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