Automated Data Ingestion from 10+ retailers to enable near real-time insights into sales trends for a CPG company

Achieved cost savings of $1.5 MN and optimal performance by replacing third-party data

Business Challenges

The client is a leading FMCG firm and didn’t have access to timely sales transaction data from retailers. It wanted to generate more insights on the latest trends across sales in different geographies while automating reports downloaded from the retailer’s dashboard. The client faced other challenges such as it took a week’s time to download the retailer’s data and the process was highly manual, and was looking for optimal performance of the reports.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a Data Lake for the CPG client to capture diverse data from multiple retailers and stored it on the client-owned BigQuery, enabling faster reporting and better customer insights. We performed data harmonization between external sources and internal products and hierarchy to ensure optimal performance. We also automated the download of reports from the retailer’s dashboard and monitored the correct flow of data from the dashboard to BigQuery.

Business Impact

In addition to cost savings of $1.5 MN by replacing third-party data, the solution also enabled the client to effectively forecast demand and fulfill order management requests. The enhanced reporting across retailers and geographies helped avoid stockouts and ensured that hundreds of users had access to the same quality data that was earlier accessible to only certain employees.

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