Faster analysis on 250TB+ data and creation of a SSOT

Created a SSOT and enabled faster data analysis on 250+ TB data, leading to shortened campaign planning time, greater business insights, and increased ROMI

Business Challenges

The client is a mobile gaming company and wanted to optimize their marketing spend as their social media marketing was drawing over 25% of their revenue and design effective campaign planning. A primary challenge was that huge volumes of data resided in different silos and it was difficult to get a single unified picture. Their marketing team wanted to have a better understanding of the conversion rate through various channels.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid’s Data Engineering team built a Single Source of Truth by connecting to different data sources like marketing data, in-app gaming data, billing information, etc. This data was made available through an easy-to-use interactive dashboard which enabled data scientists to create their own data cuts and carry data analysis.

Business Impact

The resultant unified platform enabled over 7200 daily data analyses with sophisticated alerting for real-time monitoring and insights.

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