Online marketing spend optimization for a CPG brand resulted in a 25% improvement in ROAS

Optimized marketing campaigns to increase the return on advertising spend (ROAS) and improve organic sales

Business Challenge

The customer is a leading company in the health and hygiene space and has been witnessing an exponential increase in its e-commerce sales post-pandemic. They had several marketing campaigns up and running but were not streamlined, required constant changes based on rules and heuristics, and were not adequately analyzed. Decisions such as bid pricing and which campaign to run mainly were based on intuition and past experience. Data pulls from various sources were manual and not always up to date. These challenges resulted in high marketing spending and suboptimal results.

Sigmoid Solution

We created a robust automated solution to suggest recommendations and campaign strategy changes to improve the returns on campaign spending for the brands on online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The recommendation engine suggested the keywords that must be used for product placement while also suggesting the bid price associated with it. Campaign budget realignment and bid price optimization strategies ensured that the campaign budget is realigned from low-performance campaigns to high-performing campaigns.

Business outcome

With the partial implementation of suggestions and recommendations, the customer saw a nearly 25% improvement in ROAS. It also resulted in 10% cost-saving through better campaign budget realignment and bidding strategies.


Savings on marketing spend


Improvement in ROAS


Marketing operations through regular reports and recommendations

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