Creating Single Source of Truth for CPGs to Enable Real-time Marketing Campaign Optimization

Advertising campaign optimization for faster access to granular insights with intuitive dashboards

Business Challenge

The customer wanted to develop a single source of truth for all sales and marketing data to enable real-time campaign optimization while providing easily actionable insights. The customer wanted to:

  • View trends and spending patterns in the form of easy to understand visualizations
  • Apply appropriate filters to optimize the performance of certain campaigns in real-time
  • Reduce the overall effort to plan ads and process campaign-level related data
  • Eliminate dependency on numerous reports that media planners used while deciding ad-related budgets

Sigmoid Solution

To visualize the sales data in an easily consumable way, we first created a central repository or data warehouse using Google BigQuery. We collated the data provided by the customer in different formats such as Excel and emails from various sources such as Nielsen, Ipsos, Lazada, and Shopee.

The next step was to harmonize the data and move all the datasets in their lowest granularity into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and set up data pipelines. We further connected GCP to Tableau and built easily understandable dashboards with a cumulative effort from the customer and Sigmoid’s design team.

We created a set of 10 dashboards including Executive Scorecard, Sales Performance Summary, Campaign KPI Scorecard, and more to be used by different business teams from directors to media planners.

Business Impact

The solution created a single source of truth for media planners and provided an easy-to-use platform to analyze digital marketing and sales trends. It helped them to effectively track Ad performance and allocate budgets to different campaigns accordingly.


faster time to insights

80% reduction in

time spent on data analysis


campaign reporting and optimization

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