Data mesh drives faster insights for commercial innovation

A unified data platform with data mesh architecture facilitated creation and consumption of data products for commercial operations

Business Challenge

The client is one of the largest medical technology companies aiming to improve medical discovery, diagnostics and delivery of care globally. Their existing legacy infrastructure coupled with complexities for their periodic acquisitions resulted in disjointed data sources and affected reporting efficiencies of global commercial operations. Regional differences in commercial operations, lack of governance mechanisms and data transparency was leading to duplication, loss of knowledge, longer workflows and delayed inaccurate insights. The existing data platform was unable to account for key data points such as chargeback processing errors, commissionable sales reports which impacted key commercial KPIs.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a customized data platform with a data mesh architecture to facilitate creation and scalable consumption of data products for the commercial operations vertical. Data from various sources such as Salesforce, Trackwise, Marketo, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Linkedin, Showpad, Brightcove, Dataroma, flat files from ERP systems like Reltio, SAP Everest, SAP Tahiti, Oracle, Azure SQL, 3rd party data specialists, etc. were audited and ingested into Data Factory, processed and stored in Blob storage. Automated ETL pipelines were operationalized over Azure Data Lakes to seamlessly manage and monitor all stages of data preparation and processing. The consumption layer was complemented with a data mesh which enabled the designing of data products.

Business Impact

Sigmoid’s data platform expedited the creation of data products which improved the use of data across commercial operations. The Commercial Operations team was able to unlock reporting, planning and strategic efficiency. The client was able apply platform thinking to speed up productization and consumption of data securely through this data modernized ecosystem.

15% increase

in closure of sales opportunities annually

2x faster


30% decrease

in monthly operating expenses for cloud infrastructure

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