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Customer Analytics

Understanding the customer is at the heart of every business. Analyzing the massive data that is created during customer interaction with brands across various stages of the purchase funnel is a crucial step to offer customer-centric services. Sigmoid’s customer analytics solutions provide you with detailed insights to carry deep data-driven segmentation and improve customer engagement. Perform customer data analysis and customer churn analysis to formulate targeted customer engagement strategies, develop a customized service portfolio, analyze CRM data, plan marketing spend analytics, generate effective leads by lead scoring, and more.

The Sigmoid Advantage

Sigmoid can help companies with the complete customer lifecycle by providing insightful metrics at every stage of the
customer journey

Targeting / Prospecting

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Customer Segmentation

Segment customers at micro levels and customize your marketing efforts by determining customer preferences through in-depth customer profiling and segmentation.

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Marketing Spend Analysis

Optimize your marketing spend by collecting, cleansing, classifying, and analyzing spend data, and gain insight to increasing ROAS.

Customer Acquisition

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Pricing Analysis

Improve business performance and profitability by conducting pricing analytics and optimizing business pricing strategy for maximizing sales and revenue and increasing customer loyalty.

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Propensity Modeling

Target the right customers and promote the right products by identifying the behavior of your customer base and making predictions about future behavior.

Customer Engagement

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Customer Journey Mapping

Get insights and visualize your customer journey to understand customer motivations, needs, concerns, and pain points to restructure marketing efforts and maximize success.

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Customer Lifetime Value

Identify your customer’s worth and their chances of becoming repeat customers by determining CLTV and decide your investment in customer retention.

Customer Retention / Growth

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Customer Churn Analysis

Reduce churn and improve customer retention with customer churn prediction and analysis. Identify gaps in services and implement effective strategies to retain them while attracting new customers.

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Recommendation Engine

Leverage advanced machine learning and AI-based recommendation system to deliver personalized user experience and customer satisfaction while maximizing conversions and ROI.

Case Studies

Graph customer analytics

Improved CLTV & increased sales per order by 24% for a leading cosmetics giant with a self learning recommendation engine

Customer Analytics and Data Warehousing

11% improvement in match rate with an adaptive consumer graph that automatically maps or un-maps an identity to a person in near real-time for a customer intelligence company

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