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11% improvement in marketing campaigns using MTA

Built a system for measuring marketing effectiveness and modifying campaigns mid-flight by working with impression-consumer level data

Business Challenges

The target audience segments were defined by the third party providers and there was a time-lapse of over 6 months to get the MTA and MMX reports from them. Also, there was no guided framework for modifying campaigns mid-flight.

Sigmoid’s Solution

Attributed offline aggregated sales to various channels by utilizing the information from multiple sources: DMP’s, TV planning, social, audience, creatives, coupons, etc.

Business Impact

Delivered 11% improvement on planned campaigns and 6x faster campaign evaluation timelines using our robust system for measuring marketing effectiveness. We could also modify campaigns mid-flight by working on over 100 TB impression-consumer level data.

For detailed understanding and solution, please download the case study here

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