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Unified interactive data analytics and external reporting for enhanced transparency

Delivered a unified data analytics platform to ingest and query data from diverse sources with the ability to schedule reports and set up alerts

Business Challenges

The client is a leading AdTech company and were unable to scale their platform with increasing data volume and wanted faster query response times for smoother operations and a more seamless experience. They wanted a unified data analytics platform to ingest and query data from different sources while providing a platform to external partners thereby enhancing the system transparency.

Sigmoid’s Solution

Sigmoid enabled ad hoc exploratory 13 months of auction data and the solution was fully hosted on the client’s AWS machine while being managed by Sigmoid. The client was able to connect its UI with Sigmoid’s backend to solve for its custom use cases and was successfully able to move out of its existing third-party solution provider.

Business Impact

Our unified data analytics platform processed over 80MN rows of daily auction data at an average query response time of less than 3 secs, leading to projected annual savings of over $500,000.

For detailed understanding and solution, please download the case study here

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