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Gain real-time insights to accelerate your marketing ROI and increase sales

As customers engage with brands over multiple channels and at different touchpoints, the timeliness and accuracy of marketing insights become crucial for digital marketers. Sigmoid's fast and scalable Multi-Touch Attribution accelerator empowers marketers with near real-time intelligence and insights into consumers' digital behavior. Our customized interactive dashboard helps marketers monitor performance at a granular level, helping them strategize better to enhance brand perception and deliver incremental sales lift with optimal ROMI.

We offer multi-touch attribution tools for marketers, providing a comprehensive model to analyze and optimize touchpoints that lead to conversions.

Multi-Touch Attribution Model for campaign optimization

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Accurate Models

Develop robust MTA models without audience data.

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Scalable Design

Scale easily to other brands and markets.

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Quasi-experimental Design

Leverage research design to suit specific business needs.

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Precise ROI Measurement

Measure ROI faster and with higher precision.

Our Multi-Touch Attribution accelerator shortens the time for course corrections on campaigns by answering questions like:

  • Which marketing actions do I invest in for maximum ROI?
  • Which touchpoints contribute to sales and by how much?
  • Which touchpoints do I focus on within the channel?
  • What impact do specific campaigns have on overall sales lift?
  • How can we improve customer engagement and conversion rates based on touchpoint analysis?
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Multi-touch attribution with Reckitt’s Taj Peeran and Sigmoid’s Rahul Kumar

The CPG Guys interview Taj Peeran (VP Marketing of Digital, eCommerce and Brand Engagement at Reckitt) and Rahul Kumar Singh (Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Sigmoid), to discuss marketing attribution, hyper-personalization, CLTV and the role of AI in creating business value for the CPG industry.

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Why CPG marketers choose Sigmoid?

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  • Increase flexibility, transparency, and customization with in-house solution
  • Works with limited data availability
  • Suitable for both online and offline campaigns
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  • Generate fast, timely and accurate reports on a weekly basis
  • Faster dashboard refresh rates
  • Enables in-flight campaign optimization to improve ROMI
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  • Accurately measure and improve marketing tactics
  • Make campaign changes mid-flight
  • Continuous campaign measurement at granular levels

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Campaign performance multi-touch attribution dashboards for marketing analytics

Our robust and timely dashboards provide in-depth analytics on your marketing spends at a product, campaign, digital channel, website, tactic and creative level.

Campaign performance dashboards
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Explore our accelerator to improve ROMI with granular insights into which channels work best for your campaigns.

Multi-touch attribution is a data-driven approach that helps marketers understand how various touchpoints in the marketing funnel contribute to conversions. It benefits marketing by providing a holistic view of the customer journey, enabling effective budget allocation and optimizing campaigns for better ROI. It provides in-flight campaign optimization, empowering marketers to do real-time adjustments, fine-tune messaging, and tailor strategies to specific customer segments.

Multi-touch attribution is the key to unlocking precise ROI calculations for marketing investments. Unlike traditional attribution models that assign full credit to the last touchpoint, multi-touch attribution considers the entire customer journey. By analyzing each touchpoint's contribution to conversions, marketers gain a nuanced understanding of which marketing channels and strategies generate more revenue.


This granular insight empowers businesses to attribute revenue accurately to each touchpoint, allowing ROI calculation with precision. Businesses can see not only which campaigns deliver the best returns but also how different channels and touchpoints work together to influence conversions.

Yes, our multi-touch attribution solution provides real-time campaign optimization capabilities. It leverages data analytics and machine learning models to continuously monitor the performance of marketing campaigns as they unfold. This means that you can receive instant insights into which touchpoints and channels are delivering results and which might need adjustment. With this real-time data at fingertips, businesses can make data-driven decisions on the fly. This agility ensures that marketing campaigns are always finely tuned for maximum effectiveness, helping marketers achieve their goals and enhance ROI.

Multi-touch attribution offers a nuanced understanding of how different marketing channels contribute to conversions. It moves beyond simplistic, single-touch models to dissect the entire customer journey. This means it can precisely identify which channels and touchpoints are instrumental at various stages of the conversion path.


For instance, it can reveal whether a customer first discovered your product through a social media ad, later engaged through an email campaign, and finally converted through a paid search click. Such granularity empowers businesses to allocate budget effectively, giving due credit to each channel's contribution, and optimizing strategies to harness the strengths of high-impact channels while rectifying underperformers. In essence, multi-touch attribution revolutionizes channel attribution by offering a data-driven, comprehensive view of how different channels work together to drive results.

Types of multi-touch attribution models include:

  • First-Touch Attribution: Credits the first touchpoint that initiates the customer journey.
  • Last-Touch Attribution: Credits the final touchpoint that directly leads to the conversion.
  • Linear Attribution: Distributes equal credit to all touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Time-Decay Attribution: Assigns more credit to touchpoints closer to the conversion event.
  • Position-Based (U-Shaped) Attribution: Allocates credit primarily to the first and last touchpoints, with less emphasis on the middle interactions.
  • W-Shaped Attribution: Gives significant credit to the first, middle, and last touchpoints, with remaining credit distributed among the other interactions.
  • Full-Path (Z-Shaped) Attribution: Similar to W-shaped, but considers all touchpoints, emphasizing key stages in the journey.
  • Custom Attribution: Tailored models that assign credit based on specific business rules and objectives.

The benefits of multi-touch attribution include:

  • Comprehensive Insight: Provides a detailed understanding of how different touchpoints contribute to conversions.
  • Optimized Marketing Spend: Helps allocate budget more effectively across channels and campaigns.
  • Improved ROI: Enhances the return on investment by identifying the most impactful touchpoints.
  • Enhanced Customer Journey Analysis: Offers a clearer view of the customer journey, highlighting key interactions.
  • Better Decision Making: Supports data-driven decisions by providing accurate performance metrics for each touchpoint.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Helps identify and optimize high-performing touchpoints to boost conversions.
  • Strategy Refinement: Allows for the fine-tuning of marketing strategies based on the performance of various touchpoints.
  • Competitive Advantage: Provides insights that can give a competitive edge by optimizing customer interactions more effectively than competitors.
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