CPG Analytics

The volume of data generated in the world continues to increase multifold, boosting the capabilities of CPG brands to exceed the expectations of the end consumers. Availability of CPG data has resulted in generation of consumer insights increasing the brand’s understanding of consumers and boosting better product development and promotion.

Sigmoid’s expertise in CPG analytics enables companies to build robust data infrastructure to gain access to accurate real-time data across the board. Use of big data analytics in the CPG industry is helping businesses research, manufacture, supply, promote, sell and increase consumer loyalty on a day-to-day basis.

Our CPG Analytics Service help CPG brands to:

Take better decisions through data democratization
Process and generate consumer insights on real-time sales
Carry out preventive and predictive maintenance with IoT data
Productionize personalized promotions at scale

Providing End-to-End Data Solutions at each stage of the CPG Value Chain

Product Lifecycle ManagementProduct TrendsSentiment AnalysisTarget Market Potential Estimation
Materials PlanningSupplier ManagementPrice OptimizationMarkdown Optimization
Supply Chain OptimizationDemand and Sales Forecasting and PlanningProduction Forecasting and EstimationFault Prediction and Reduction
Network and Channel OptimizationCampaign Management and OptimizationPricing AnalyticsPOS AnalyticsSales Force Automation
Customer SegmentationDemand MonitoringCampaign OptimizationPersonalized Recommendations

Our Expertise

Pricing Analytics

Add a layer of data-driven pricing analytics model to your business framework to gain insights and multiply success across channels

Optimize inventory, reduce holding costs and get insights into upcoming cash flow through efficient supply chain planning


Classify user segments through our ML algorithms, send personalized offers to loyal members and motivate them to try new products

Data Lake Development

Build, accelerate and transition your data lake development from a routine project to a fully integrated unit of your data infrastructure

Productionize & Scale ML Models

Create scalable and future-ready systems that automate the process to build, train and deploy ML models, resulting in high business impact

Transform end-to-end IT processes, lower costs and improve agility by migrating to a cloud infrastructure tailored to your requirements

Customer Segmentation

Identify and understand different behaviours and interests of users and target them with relevant marketing content and promotional messages

Marketing Effectiveness

Capitalize on minute details of prescriptive analytics for consumer-driven insights to deliver relevant promotions, driving strategic goals

Campaign Optimization

Gather data from diverse sources and optimize your campaigns by implementing dynamic data-driven strategies targeted to drive ROI

Success Stories

Price Optimization

Built a price optimization engine to maximize the revenue uplift of various campaigns and events

Marketing Attribution

Delivered 11% improvement on campaigns by building system to measure marketing effectiveness

Covid Analytics Solution

Helping CPG leaders with advanced CPG Analytics and equip them with a BI engine to successfully understand and manage demand/supply-side issues to effectively handle inventory, assortment, pricing, and promotions.

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