Real-time Marketing Measurement to Drive ROI

Taj Peeran

VP Marketing of Digital, eCommerce and Brand Engagement, Reckitt

Rahul Kumar Singh

Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Sigmoid

Sri Rajagopalan

Co-Host, The CPG Guys Podcast

Key Takeaways

  • New approaches to measure and optimize marketing spends
  • Methods to reduce time to campaign insights
  • Ways to enable in-flight campaign optimization
  • Boost organic results in e-commerce with Sigmoid’s MTA solution
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Informed decision making with Real time CPG data insights for brand growth

Customers today seek connected and customized cross-channel experiences at every possible touchpoint. To enable this, CPGs must glean actionable insights from big data for quick, fact-based decision-making. Sigmoid helps CPG companies act upon this data to improve marketing measurement and optimization, enhance demand forecasting accuracy, and save costs through inventory planning with data engineering and AI solutions. Being one of the leading CPG data companies, we enable CPG enterprises to define analytics strategy, modernize their data infrastructure, and integrate data from multiple sources while improving data quality.

Data Science and AI Solutions Across End-to-End CPG Value Chain

Data Science and Data Engineering Offerings for CPG

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Marketing Measurement

Capitalize on a data-driven approach to marketing measurement to deliver successful campaigns

Campaign Optimization icon

Campaign Optimization

Optimize your campaigns by implementing dynamic data-driven strategies targeted to drive ROI

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Send personalized promotions and offers to loyal members and motivate them to try new products

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CPG Supply Chain Analytics

With predictive analytics in CPG, optimize inventory, drive real-time demand forecasting and enable SKU level optimization for

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Data Lake Development

Harness key data sources such as POS data and marketing data to glean effective cross-functional analytics

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Cloud Data Migration

Transform end-to-end IT processes, lower costs and improve agility

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Sales and Marketing Report 2021

Take a look at the sales & marketing report to understand:

  • The latest CPG analytics trends
  • Shape-shifting consumers demand agility
  • Adoption of new technologies to gain granular insights
  • Importance of personalization in purchase journey
Shakti Mahapatra

Talk to our CPG Data Analytics Expert

Let’s discuss how we can apply the power of AI and analytics to transform your data into actionable insights

Product development

Leverage the power of AI and analytics to effectively recognize dynamic market demand and develop new products through innovation.

Social Media Analytics Accelerates Product Innovation
We used NLP to analyze social media comments and enable the product R&D team to focus on product innovation.


Lesser time to market


Reduction in time to launch a new brand


Increase in prediction accuracy

Product Quality and Traceability

Leverage real-time data to gain visibility and traceability to boost operational efficiency while reducing demand-supply gaps while optimizing resources.