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Case Study

Sigmoid Integrated and Automated data from 10+ retailers to enable near real-time insights into sales trends for major oral care company


Data lake creation and automation achieved cost savings of $1.5 MN and optimal performance by replacing third-party data

Actionable Intelligence for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Enterprises

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies need to effectively recognize demand while developing new products through innovation. Additionally, today’s digitally mature customers seek connected and customized cross-channel experiences at every possible touchpoint. To successfully cater to these demands, CPG brands need to glean actionable insights from big data for quick, fact-based decision-making. This is where targeted analytics on consumers, suppliers, channel partners, and marketers can create a difference by accelerating a company’s journey from insight to action.

Sigmoid’s CPG analytics solution portfolio is specifically designed to equip CPG decision-makers with targeted consumer insights to drive growth. Our expertise in CPG analytics enables companies to build a robust data infrastructure that simplifies every step of managing big data in the CPG industry. By solving complex analytics use cases, brands can engage effectively with consumers, forecast demand accurately, optimize inventory levels, and take actions based on real-time sales data across the e-commerce and retail partners ecosystem.

Real-Time CPG Data Insights for Growth of CPG Brands

Sigmoid’s Retail & CPG analytics solution portfolio can help companies:

  • Take better decisions through data democratization
  • Process and generate consumer insights on real-time sales
  • Deliver personalized promotions at scale
  • Carry out preventive and predictive maintenance with IoT data
Data-Driven Approach to Drive Growth for CPG Brands

Sigmoid’s End-to-End Data Solutions across the CPG Value Chain

Sigmoid’s End-to-End Data Solutions across the CPG Value Chain image
Pricing Analytics icon

Pricing Analytics

Add a layer of data-driven pricing analytics model to your business framework to monitor the profitability of product price points and chart out an effective pricing strategy that maximizes revenue

Supply Chain Analytics icon

CPG Supply Chain Analytics

Optimize inventory, drive real-time demand forecasting and enable SKU level optimization for e-commerce with efficient supply chain planning

personalization icon


Classify user segments with ML algorithms, send personalized offers to loyal members and motivate them to try new products

Customer Segmentation icon

Customer Segmentation

Achieve granular customer segmentation at micro levels, identify and understand different behaviors and interests of customers and target them with relevant marketing content and promotional messages with an AI-driven recommendation system

Marketing Effectiveness icon

Marketing Effectivenes

Capitalize on prescriptive analytics and data-driven approach to marketing measurement and optimization to deliver successful campaigns

Campaign Optimization icon

Campaign Optimization

Gather data from diverse sources and optimize your campaigns by implementing dynamic data-driven strategies targeted to drive ROI

Data Lake Development icon

Data Lake Development

Harness key data sources across business functions such as supply chain data, revenue management data, POS data, customer churn data, marketing data, and more to glean more effective cross-functional analytics.

Productionize & Scale ML Models icon

Productionize & Scale ML Models

Create future-ready ML models that are scalable according to different business units, geographies, and modules

Cloud Data Migration icon

Cloud Data Migration

Transform end-to-end IT processes, lower costs and improve agility by migrating to a cloud infrastructure tailored to your requirements

Sales and Marketing Report 2021

Take a look at the sales & marketing report to understand CPG analytics trends, how the CPG industry is connecting with consumers and translating the learnings into new strategies, and adopting new technologies to gain granular insights.

Sigmoid Multi-Touch Attribution Accelerator
for CPG

The interactive dashboards help marketing managers and brand leaders to optimize performance, justify media spend and improve ROI.

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