On Demand Webinar

Unlocking the secrets of multi cloud cost management: strategies and tactics

March 2 or March 9 2023 | 11 AM PST (Duration: 60 minutes)

Cloud has become an essential part of the technology landscape for today’s data driven enterprise. However, improving cloud performance while optimizing costs can be challenging given the rapid evolution of multi cloud environments, complexity in pricing models and omission of detailed analysis of data pipelines.

This webinar explores the factors that impact cloud observability and the ways to improve cloud performance. The speakers will also share actionable tactics that can be implemented to drive cloud success.

Key discussion topics:

  • Key challenges affecting cloud cost visibility
  • Unified visibility into multi cloud usage patterns
  • Cloud architecting recommendations for data services
  • How to implement accountability and governance for cloud
  • Actionable dashboards for cloud FinOps


Magdalena Skorupa

Global IT&D Director, Platform & Product Stream Architect, Global Data & Analytics at Reckitt

Jagannath Nikam

Senior Engineering Manager - DataOps

Mayur Rustagi

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Sigmoid