Banking Analytics

Banking industry is generating data from various functional areas such as risk, regulatory compliance, transactional data, and more. Analytics and machine learning in banking is helping the processes become faster and more efficient.

Sigmoid’s banking analytics services are used by global banks and diversified financial services companies to get a tight grip on trading activities, trade surveillance and transactional monitoring across geographies and markets. We help organizations tame huge volumes of data and build effective solutions to flag, report and investigate the irregularities.

Creating Value across Functional Areas

Client EnrollmentPortfolio TransferAdvisor PlatformSales Support
Cash ServicesInformation DeliveryClient Statements and Tax Packages
Portfolio Strategy ManagementPortfolio AggregationBrokerage
Portfolio ModellingPortfolio and Account Monitoring
Order ManagementTrade ExecutionMobile TradingPost Trade STP
Predictive AnalyticsClearing and SettlementMargin and Netting
Custody Administration and ReconciliationCorporate ActionsRecord – Keeping
Fees and CommissionsCollateral ManagementRetirement Benefit Payment Services
Market RiskAML and KYCPre – Trade Compliance
Counterparty RiskCompliance ReportingFraud

Our Expertise

Trade Surveillance

Through near real-time collation and visualization of data sets across asset classes, markets, exchanges and ECNs, the surveillance teams can track irregularities efficiently using views similar to modern day traders.

Curbing Market Manipulation

Using complex algorithms, AI and empirical rule based models, Surveillance teams can be empowered to track and detect various Market Manipulation techniques like ‘Quote Stuffing’, ‘Pump and Dump’ and ‘Spoofing’ among others.

Flag Suspicious Transactions

Build correct infrastructure and employ modeling techniques to flag malpractices like Price Fix Manipulations, Partial Filling, and Front Running by analyzing factors like execution speed, market depth, capital commitments, etc.

Cloud Migration

Move to the right cloud environment that meets your data standards and also saves cost. Our cloud experts build an ideal architecture and ensure seamless migration without risking production SLA and data quality.

Data Lake Management

Overcome the challenges of increasing data volumes with data lakes. Ensure easier, faster and more secure ways to manage your data and explore the right data science techniques for accurate analysis.

Customer Portfolio & Segmentation

Classify and group customers based on their behaviors, demographics or specific characteristics to discover high-value and low-value segments. Providing targeted offers improves customer retention and loyalty.

Efficient and Manageable Alerting

Modern algorithms use complex AI and ML based implementations for efficient monitoring of factors that raise flags. This helps in un-choking of flag pipelines, leading to a more focused approach for resolving priority flags.

Faster Processing Pipelines

Reduce the data processing timelines from T+X days to T+X-N days through efficient data engineering pipelines, use open-source or proprietary data querying engines to implement suitable changes to current setup.

Regulatory Compliance

Train and build scalable data models to ensure regulatory compliance in banking and adhere to the latest requirements while implementing stronger governance policies.

Success Stories

Trade Surveillance

Set-up the trade surveillance for top-3 global investment bank and resolved data challenges in pipelines, quality and alerting

Customer LifeTime Value Prediction

Calculated customer’s value using the revenue forecast and churn probabilities resulting in 50% increase in operational efficiency