Healthcare Analytics

Growing adoption of cost control policies and stringent compliance regulations have made it crucial for pharma companies to effectively collect, manage and analyze data across diverse sources. Leading pharma companies and researchers today use big data analytics and implement data-driven strategies to tap into more sources of information and leverage knowledge that is shared by scientists around the world.

Sigmoid enables businesses to gain faster insights from historical and real-time data sources like lab/diagnostic, prescription, claims, hospital log files, IoT sensors, social media and patient data. We provide a range of innovative data engineering and data science services to help pharma companies develop effective technology adoption and data implementation strategies. Our customized data solutions and predictive analytics have solved high-value use cases across the pharma value chain, from setting up and scaling data infrastructures to accelerating drug discovery, and providing better insights into patient behaviour.

Our Data Engineering enables Pharma companies to:

Identify and integrate clinical data sources
Clean and prepare data for ML modeling
Analyze the real-world patient data
Accelerate, scale and derive faster insights

Providing End-to-End Data Solutions at each stage of the Pharma Value Chain

Clinical and Market Research Drug Discovery and Formulation Trial Planning and Execution
Safety Surveillance Portfolio Management Competitive Intelligence
Drug Development and Manufacturing Production Planning Quality Control and Monitoring Reduce Cost and Increase Drug Utilization
Compliance to Regulatory Warehousing Storage Streamline Compliance and Government Decisions Demand Forecasting and Stockouts Network Optimization
Targeted Marketing Promotion Response Modeling Field Force Effectiveness
Territory Alignments and Call Planning Forecasting Sales Results Price Formulation
Patient Segmentation Personalized Medication for Patients Capturing Electronic Medical Records
Patient Query System Prediction of Potential Patients

Our Expertise

Drug Discovery and Development

Accelerate the process of drug discovery and development by running predictive algorithms on high volume datasets

Potential Patient Prediction

Identify likely target patients by building ML models and creating multiple predictive profiles for wider coverage of patients

Operational Effectiveness

Reduce operational margins by increasing efficiency of the entire manufacturing process from procurement to production

High Volume Data Aggregation

Collect, integrate and analyze high volume data from diverse sources like labs, prescriptions, IoT sensors and medical records

Promotion Response Modeling

Optimize promotional efforts by powering sales force sizing, territory alignment, call planning and incentive compensation

Clinical Trial Efficiency

Enable effective capture and fluid exchange of electronic data to accelerate trials and reduce likelihood of manual data errors

Granular Metric Analysis

Perform granular analysis of metrics like average ingredient cost per prescription and drug utilization to increase revenue

Streamline Compliance

Quickly uncover insights to streamline governance decisions, highlight current gaps and reduce risk of compliance failures

Targeted Patient Medication

Sift through unstructured genomic data (DNA) to spot patterns and create effective, personalized medication for patients

Success Stories

Promotion Response Modeling

Identified the set of physicians to target and the optimal number of calls to be given to them to achieve the brand forecast
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Supply Chain Analytics

Delivered a demand forecasting solution to shorten planning cycle, reduce stock-outs, optimize inventory and improve sales
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