AdTech Analytics

With the growing pile of digital user footprints, advertising analytics has become crucial to find meaningful trends and insights from it. AdTech analytics lets sellers undergo campaign optimization while measuring and evaluating every aspect of campaign performance.

Sigmoid’s AdTech analytics services help AdTech companies to extract optimum customer information and decipher quick actionable insights. It can solve challenges such as campaign optimization, inventory optimization, bid optimization, win-rate prediction, and more. We have also developed a full-stack real-time analytics tool, SigView, to analyze and report advertising performance across media platforms.

Our Advertising Analytics Services enables Advertisers to:

Integrate multiple and disparate sources of data at scale
Analyze billions of ad impressions in real-time
Drill-down and query 100s of TBs of data within seconds
Identify data discrepancies in real-time

Providing End-to-End Data Solutions at each stage of the AdTech Value Chain

Campaign OptimizationBid Price OptimizationWin Rate ImprovementEfficient Sales Forecasting
Revenue OptimizationAd Spends MaximizationIntegration Errors Troubleshooting
Fill Rate ImprovementYield OptimizationFloor Price Optimization
Publisher Revenue MaximizationInventory Discovery and PredictionReal-Time Troubleshooting
Profitable Exchange IdentificationHeader Bidding Partner EvaluationLatency Improvements

Our Expertise

Audience Segmentation

Enable predictive analytics with an integrated view of audience and ad inventory to improve retargeting

Viewability Prediction

Empower companies in media and entertainment industries to launch hyper targeted marketing campaigns

Cookie Scoring

Customize content, optimize inventories, power ad sales and monetize the abundance of digital data

Cloud Migration

Improve agility and reduce data infrastructure expenses by migrating to a secure cloud environment

Ad hoc Data Exploration

Provide real-time data access and ad hoc exploration through intelligent data storage and processing

Faster ETL Processing

Process billions of ad impressions from disparate sources within seconds to generate actionable insights

Bid Rate Optimization

Evaluate trade-offs between algorithms to pay an optimal price for the right impressions garnered

Audience Lookalike Modeling

Model audience lookalikes effectively across desktop, mobile and other devices at high accuracy levels

Floor Price Optimization

Analyze bid data and leverage floor price optimization in a header bidding setup for optimal results

Success Stories

Improved Audience Targeting

Achieved over 70% model accuracy on retargeting for a DSP through user scoring, segmentation and logistic regression

Efficient Bid Optimization

Enabled effective and automatic bidding with minimum human intervention using ML and data engineering solutions
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