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Boost your Marketing ROI with Actionable Insights

Marketing leaders today need a multi channel view of the customer to deliver tailored messaging to the right customer at the right time. However, gaining timely insights into campaign performance at the desired level of granularity, is the biggest challenge faced by marketers globally. Sigmoid’s powerful marketing analytics solutions offer business leaders with actionable insights to recalibrate marketing efforts and optimize the ROI on their marketing spend. With real time targeted analytics, marketers have the power to identify trends that are directly impacting or driving campaign performance and control marketing tactics when it matters most.

How Can Sigmoid Help You?

Sigmoid provides marketers with near real-time insights on a various performance metrics to appraise and optimize marketing tactics delivering value offerings to the customer


Web analytics

Leverage AI and machine learning technologies to speed up data processing and analysis on the website allowing marketers to deliver the right messaging at moments that matter

Marketing effectiveness

Leverage unified analytics to consistently deliver contextually relevant user experiences through targeted advertising and near real time measurement of campaign performance


Market segmentation

Automate the analysis of data from multiple customer touch points and buying patterns to develop a 360 view of the consumer and develop accurate look-alike modelling eliminating human error

Social Media analytics

Enable informed decision making by leveraging insights gained from contextualising structured and unstructured data from various social media channels


Campaign Optimisation

Get near real time insights on the performance on the marketing dollar, drive better budget realignment and adopt bidding strategies to manage campaigns that are always aligned to the marketing objectives

Personalised recommendation

Build scalable recommendation engines with robust open source platforms that enable hyper personalisation to increase order value and provide tailored brand experiences to consumers

Case Studies

11% improvement in marketing campaigns using Multi-Touch Attribution

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15% lift in new user conversion using MTA and MMM

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