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Case Study

Sigmoid improved marketing campaign effectiveness with multi-touch attribution resulting in 11% improvement on planned campaigns and 6x faster campaign evaluation timelines for a leading CPG company.

What we do

Sigmoid provides marketers with near real-time insights on various performance metrics to optimize marketing campaigns to deliver value offerings to the customers. Our proven techniques offer business leaders actionable insights to recalibrate marketing efforts, bring hyper-personalization and optimize the ROI on their marketing spend.

Marketing analytics can help leaders get answers to questions like:

  • How are marketing campaigns performing?
  • What can we do to improve the performance of marketing activities?
  • Are our marketing activities performing well as compared to the competitors?
  • Which channels our competitors are using but we are not?
  • How much should we spend and on which channel?
  • What should be the next plan of action?

Frequently Asked Questions

Using data analytics and data science in marketing, businesses can analyze the data generated during various marketing activities and use it to improve marketing strategies. Marketing analytics can lend insights into the past and help marketing teams avoid similar mistakes and plan efficient marketing efforts in the future. It brings about personalization and facilitates optimization to pivot or make changes in the marketing campaigns allowing brands to deliver a more targeted return on investment (ROI). Marketing Analytics helps a business plan granular segmentation, design tailored and targetted messaging, and provide multi-channel customer view, among others.
Multi-touch attribution is a marketing measurement that looks at an individual’s digital journey and determines the value of a customer at each touchpoint. While the first-touch and last-touch attributions have been helping marketers understand the touchpoints at the beginning and end of the customer journey respectively, multi-touch attribution modeling provides a granular view at every step of the campaign. MTA models generate faster reports and enable in-flight campaign optimization allowing marketers to measure and improve these interactions at a granular level in turn delivering incremental sales with optimal ROI.
Predictive marketing analytics helps marketers predict future events in marketing initiatives by integrating various techniques such as data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning, and more. It does so by analyzing patterns based on historical and transactional data that can be processed further for identifying future risks and opportunities. Marketers use predictive analytics for various use cases such as lead scoring, lead segmentation, campaign nurturing, customer lifetime value prediction, churn rate prediction, campaign optimization, and more. Some of the common predictive modeling techniques used by marketers include regression analysis, clustering, propensity models, and collaborative filtering.

Sigmoid’s data science and data engineering teams are exceptional in understanding data and provide custom innovative solutions that directly impact the business revenue.

Michael Christian R. Collemiche
Head of Data and Analytics,

Want to optimize your marketing spending and improve ROI?

Sigmoid’s powerful marketing analytics solutions offer business leaders actionable insights to recalibrate marketing efforts, bring hyper-personalization and optimize the ROI on their marketing spend with real-time targeted analytics.