Restaurants Analytics

From improving customer footfall to expanding operations in newer markets, the strategies and decisions of a successful restaurant are driven primarily by data and insights. With increasing volumes and complexities in customer, demographic, and transactional data, a major challenge is in effectively extracting, simplifying, and providing the right insights to the right teams at the right time.

Sigmoid’s Data Engineering and Data Science expertise help you analyze, refine, and boost your restaurant chain’s big data infrastructure and data strategies. Whether your goal is to increase repeat buying, improve the same store sales growth, analyze customer insights for loyalty programs, empower franchisees with insights, or technology transformations like migrate from an on-prem infrastructure to cloud, build robust ETL pipelines: our data-driven solutions help you stay on top of your business.

Our Data Engineering enables QSRs to:

Consolidate, clean and process data
Create restaurant data warehouses
Productionize and scale ML models
Automate and manage end-to-end data

Providing End-to-End Data Solutions at each stage of the Quick Service Restaurant

Marketing Effectiveness Personalization 360° Mapping of Customer Journey
Demand Forecasting Sales Forecasting Inventory Optimization
Predictive Maintenance using telemetry and sensor data Location Selection Labour Forecasting
Personalized Recommendations- in store, digital Route Optimization Delivery Services Optimization

Our Expertise

Customer Segmentation

Quickly identify trends, predict purchase behaviours, and segment customers to improve targeting and set agile business strategies for a more holistic customer experience

Targeted Promotions

Analyze purchasing preferences and customer segments to test relevant, personalized offers and marketing campaigns that increase engagement, loyalty and overall revenues

Customer Life-Time Value

Capture customer information through apps, feedback, reviews, or loyalty programs, and test who are more receptive to certain combos or offers and reward them to increase loyalty

Cloud Migration

Increase operational efficiency, speed and agility at reduced maintenance costs. Lower system downtime by migrating to the right cloud environment that meets your requirements

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Transition stand alone conventional CRM systems to robust CDPs. Leverage available data across touchpoints to create customer groups and drive personalized initiatives

Productionize & Scale ML Models

Build and develop scalable production grade systems to transition to a full-fledged agile system with automated training, testing, logging and alerting for faster and accurate insights

Sales Forecasting

Analyze customer, demographic and competitor data on restaurant sales to benchmark performances and identify factors impacting sales through accurate forecasting models

Price Analytics

Refine your pricing strategies to make it more dynamic, by utilizing all the available datasets to its full potential and leverage opportunities to rationalize prices based on competition

Voice of the Customer

Analyze social media platforms for Sentiment Analysis using NLP to gather customer expectations, preferences and comments to glean useful business insights at speed

Success Stories

1:1 Personalized Marketing

Implemented Multi-Armed Bandit approach for a leading restaurant chain to deliver 7% sales uplift and improve CLTV by sending personalized offers to the right people at the right time
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Productionize ML Models

Developed an architecture to productionize the MAB model by automating pipelines in AWS that updated the CRM platform to trigger personalized emails for over 14MN customers
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