Churn Analytics improves customer retention by 70%

Sigmoid developed ML based prediction models based on granular understanding of different customer segments to predict those likely to churn and improve the retention rate.

Data Ops for 24/7 Monitoring And Highly
Available Systems

Sigmoid developed highly scalable data systems to ensure 99.99% uptime, zero outages and seamless deployment of new applications for a leading cloud service provider.

Automated data ingestion for near real-time insights

Sigmoid built a data foundation for a leading CPG company to leverage data from different retailers in near real time and enabled automated reports, reducing the time to access data from 7 days to 2 hours!

Timely and accurate demand forecasting at scale

Sigmoid’s accurate demand forecasting solution reduced inventory handling costs & reduced time to plan campaigns by 66%.

Automation of ML data pipelines using Spark

Sigmoid productionized the MAB model for a major restaurant chain that delivered tailored emails to over 12Mn customers resulting in 8% sales uplift.

Development of Spark based ETL on GCP

Sigmoid developed a Spark based system for a leading AdTech company that optimised their data infrastructure landscape resulting in $2.5Mn+ annual cost savings and faster
query processing.

Increasing profitability through personalized recommendation of offers

Sigmoid improved CLTV& increased sales per order by 24% for a leading cosmetics giant by developing scalable personalised strategies using advanced ML algorithms.

Timely Inflight campaign optimization with MTA

Sigmoid enhanced marketing effectiveness by building Multi-Touch Attribution models on Azure using Rule mining and predictive ML algorithms leading to an increase in
Marketing ROI.